SAFe – Scaled Agile Question Bank 6

51. Which statement is true about fast feedback?
It accelerates planning and delivery
Smaller batch sizes enable faster feedback loops
It supports SAFe Lean-Agile Principle #3 – Assume variability; preserve options
The shorter the feedback cycle, the higher the utilization

52. The goal is a fast delivery process, ideally requiring little manual effort. What is one capability used to achieve this?
Soft launches
Non-functional requirements
Feature toggles
Quiet releases
What should a team do if they cannot meet their commitments?
Deliver what the team can complete with open issues
Escalate immediately to Product Manager through the Product Owner
Move what cannot be accomplished into stretch objectives
Review the objectives and reset them to fit what can be done
53. What should a team do if they cannot meet their commitments?
Deliver what the team can complete with open issues
Escalate immediately to Product Manager through the Product Owner
Move what cannot be accomplished into stretch objectives
Review the objectives and reset them to fit what can be done

54. What is the purpose of an Epic Hypothesis Statement?
It provides enough detail to run the business and keep long-term commitments from interfering with changing business priorities
It defines an idea that can be validated using the plan, do, check, and adjust cycle
It is the artifact Epics use to get approval to go on the Portfolio Backlog from the Lean Portfolio Management
It helps define the pipeline with the assets and technologies needed to deliver solution value

55. Product Management is involved in the assessment of metrics including the evaluation of business value achieved versus plan. They are also active participants in what else?Daily Stand-ups
Lean budget establishment
Team Retrospectives
The Inspect and Adapt event

56. What is one benefit of constant customer feedback?
It reduces the amount of changes to the Features
Fast learning cycles
It reduces the need for face-to-face collaboration
Teams can better align working days with a customer’s schedule

57. The Lean Governance collaboration include the Enterprise Architect, Agile PMO, and which other function?
Solution Management
Business Owners or entrepreneurship
Product Managers
Epic Owners

58. What is the importance of the Definition of Done?
It prioritizes the work of testers on the team
It creates standardized work between all Agile teams
It provides a way for Scrum Masters to enforce quality
It creates a clear understanding of when items are complete
59. SAFe recommends separating deployment from release. What can help with this practice?
Deploying to staging every 4 to 8 weeks
Manually test Features and non-functional requirements
Hide all new functionality under feature toggles
A staging environment that emulates testing

60. What are two examples of team level events? (Choose two.)
System Demo
Backlog Refinement
PI Planning
Daily Stand-up
Scrum of Scrums

61. Which attribute describes the Product Manager role in the SAFe enterprise?
Provide governance and spending practices for value streams
Plans the activities for the Inspect and Adapt event
Collaborates and sets expectations with Product Owners, stakeholders, customers, architects
Uses Iteration Goals to communicate with management

62. What is the goal of Lean thinking?
Best quality and value for people and society
Leadership support
Relentless improvement
Respect for people and culture
63. Which two concepts drive the mindset for SAFe implementation? (Choose two.)
Enterprise Agility
Scrum Manifesto
Agile Manifesto
House of Lean
Lean Enterprise Systems
64. Which cycle is embraced by the Lean startup movement?

65. What is the relationship between a Product Owner (PO) and a Product Manager (PM)?
The PO contributes to the Program Backlog; the PM establishes Story acceptance criteria
The PO drives PI Objectives; the PM drives Iteration Goals
The PO identifies market needs; the PM is solution, technology, and team facing
The PO is team-oriented; the PM is market-orie nted

How do you pass SAFe SPC Certification with high score (Implementing SAFE) – Download questions for free
SPC 5.0

SPC 5.0

The SPC is a SAFe program consultant (Also called as Implementing SAFe). This is probably the highest level of certification SAFe has and undoubtedly highly valued in the software industry.  I am fortunate to have it cracked within 3 days of effort plus 4 days of a class. I definitely would like to write this down so that it would become easy and you don’t need to wonder how would I go about not just passing but scoring high marks.

I feel you should first decide whether you truly want to do it. If you just want to add another certification to your profile, probably I would say you don’t need to go for it.  If you aspire to be an Agile coach and/or know that you would be implementing/supporting SAFe then it’s the perfect thing to go for.

I have cleared a SAFe Program Consultant a couple of weeks ago.  I am going to share tips that would focus more on learning but at the same time, you will clear the exam with an excellent score.

  1. Read the material given by SAFe at least two times. If any concept is not clear then refer to The explanation there is far better than any other place.
  2. Click on the big picture and understand every item. The better way to do is to click on the item and read about it.
  3. The specific links are given in exam preparation material, read them all at least twice. Create notes only for high-level titles that would help you to connect with questions.
  4. The practice test must be done and if you score less than 80% then you need more preparation.
  5. The exam guide clearly states the most important chapters. The way you determine is based on the number of questions that appear from the respective chapter. Anything above 10% is very imp and every concept should be understood well.
  6. If you need any guidance in terms of how to prepare for exam, you can send an email to me at . There are no sort cuts but right preparation will yield excellent results. Alternatively if you are on whats app, you can join my group to participate in SAFe discussions                            
  7. Avoid searching for answers to questions on the internet during the exam.  You may find the question while the answer available on the internet may be wrong.  Study well and go by what you think is right. The questions are prepared with very well thought processes and I am sure you should be able to answer. If you want to score high, trust your judgment. Remember certification doesn’t have lots of value while knowledge does. 
  8. The questions that I found on the internet are

9. I would recommend reading Get SAFe Now book before even you go for training or start reading materials from SAFe.   The book is for beginners and explains the concepts in layman language. The questions after every topic make you think a little deeper.  It helped me a lot to hit high scores in a bunch of certifications I did.

The above is just for basics while if you want to be really confident then I would recommend reading the below book (SAFe distilled 5.0) instead of going through the website and reading random links. This book is organized so well that everything seems to be a story.

I will be adding more blogs with cheat sheets and more informative ideas and content soon

The sample questions available on the internet may help you to prepare further

One of the most important tip is to do at least 400-500 quality questions. That would open your mind and make you to think in right direction. Dont get into trap of random selection of questions since most sites have questions from other basic SAFe cert while they claim that they are SPC practices questions. Even I didnt hear good feedback for Udemy questions.  The questions are not hard but they are tricky.  The final exam would have at least 5-6 questions straight from prep test.