About Us

We are passionate programmers and process experts with more than 20 years of industry expertise in building large scale enterprise products. The process plays a critical role when you want to get the work done and meet everyday’s aggressive deadlines. There is a common myth around knowing Agile well if you have done it for some time. The truth is “You don’t know Agile” and trust us this is true for most of the developers today. Following Agile is probably the simplest thing while doing it RIGHT is what takes effort. We would like to make it truly simple when it comes to implementation by talking about real life examples, case studies, tutorials and so on.

The goal is to have everything about Agile with a strong focus on how to do it over what does it mean.  In addition to the tutorial, we would be providing information around history, certifications, matrices, interview questions &answers, certification questions, sample papers and for sure fun related to Agile.

The discussion is not restricted to Agile. We will be touching upon varied technologies and best practices as well.

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