Agile Abuse – Scenario 1 – The fun of committing less than what you can accomplish


Kent – Scrum Master, Chris – Sr. Developer

Kent – Why do you work less than half a day?

Chris – I finish all my sprint work, I don’t need to look at time!

Kent – (During Sprint Planning) – I think we can pick more work. Chris, you being a senior developer, what do you say?

Chris – This is all we have been completing consistently in the past. That’s all we can do in a given time hence we should not add more points.

Challenge – I leave very early because I finish my work and I pick very less because this is all I can do.

Scenario 2  – I didn’t do anything hence pairing was a saver although it was knowledge transition.

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  1. Here is how I think it work. Employees works as long as there is a self interest for them. Imagine you are employed, having fixed salary regardless the work done, job is not interesting at all and there is nearly zero chance to improve that. Then what do you expect? Simply boses are minimizing cost, employees minimizing effort.

    So in order to kick them to do extra work, you have to find the self interest. And don’t dance around it. What work for many people (especially if they have little kids to feed – yeah I know this, because I was in this situation) is extra cash. So set it up in the way that if they do more work, then they do get a compensation (e.g. if you manage to do these milestones in next 2 months, then you will get $3.000 as a bonus). If you can’t do cash, then company shares, extra vacations or some other bonuses. Be creative, figure out what people want and do it for them in exchange for the great work. Then they will respect you as a manger.

    Regarding the people who never deliver anything. Doesn’t matter how you logically justify this. Sooner or later you will need to stop working with these.

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