AI / ML – Past, Present & Future – Part 5a


Just a recap, we learnt in my last update, the different ways to harness the new age machine through Automation and Instrumentation and their related processes and analysis. In this excerpt we are going dwell upon the different ways to harness the new age machine to enhance human experience.

Let us recognize that all these scenarios in one way or the other are enhancing the human experience. Today driving places is so easy when compared to following directions from a print out. With smart GPS systems, whether as an app on our smart phones or embedded as an instrument in our vehicle’s dashboard, it’s far more difficult to get lost nowadays. The GPS systems we now take for granted provide a preview of coming attractions on how the new machines are enhancing more and more of our work and personal lives.

Below are some scenarios which illustrate how the current intelligent systems are enhancing human experience in each of the areas below. Obviously this is an infinite list

It’s therefore easier to judge this when it comes to personal choices that a vast majority of us will prefer to work with an enhanced human, the one who is equipped with all details from an intelligent system on their side. For these reasons, we see the forces of enhancement as positive and the concerns over automation-driven job substitution as ill-considered. As we outlined earlier, the vast majority of white-collar work won’t be replace by these new machines but will be made better with them. I believe that more than 80% of teaching jobs, nursing jobs, legal jobs, and coding jobs will be mode more productive, more beneficial, and more satisfying by computers – in other words, enhanced

The story of human evolution is, of course, in many ways the story of our tools, from the sharpened stones to the intelligent machine used by deep-learning pioneers today. This is the progression we are witnessing as we move into the digital age. Isn’t it?


One important but often overlooked aspect of enhancing work is to recognize the relationship that exists between enhancing a job/role/process and automating it. In many ways, automation and enhancement exist in a symbiotic, to –sides-of-the-same-coin way. To effectively enhance, one needs to automate. So the winners will be those who continue to believe in the progress created by technology, those who enhance, and those who understand the power of tools and who adapt to using them effectively.

All of us including senior management, need to enhance our current skills when it comes to engaging with others, leading, reasoning and interpreting, applying judgement, being creative and applying the human touch. These behaviors and activities are still far outside the purview of current and near-future technologies and will remain so for years to come, even as the new machines become more capable. By 2020, senior executives project that employees will need to improve their performance in below areas.


Major companies today are proving that even in a world of enhancement solutions, where people and machines work together in new ways, there’s still value in being human. Our work ahead will require us to double-down on the activities where humans have and will continue to have an advantage over silicon.

We are in an incredible time, when technology is significantly extending the envelope of human capability. Intelligent systems now allow us to do things at a level of productivity and profitability that even a few years ago would have seemed far-fetched and implausible. All of these possibilities and many more are being created by the injection of intelligence in to our tools. We have the potential to become smarter because our tools are becoming smarter. It’s these tools that are really at the heart of the progress we have made so far and the progress we will make ahead. Enhancement will be the force that causes the bar to rise for every one of us, in every organization and in every country in the world. If you can enhance the value you generate, you are doing the right things as machines being to do everything. Enhancement also introduces new avenues of opportunity that we need to explore to keep ahead.

Stay tuned…. Part Vb of this foray, we will continue to dwell upon the different ways to harness the new age machine in enhancing Market competitiveness and by and large the innovation quotient that we need to invest upon.

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Authored by Venugopala Krishna Kotipalli

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