SAFe SPC question bank 7


21. What is a responsibility of the SAFe Program Consultant change agent
a. Coach Release Train Engineers on their role
b. Define Epic hypothesis statements
c. Prioritize the Program Backlog
d. Define Work in Process limits for the Program Kanban

22. What are two reasons to manage an implementation plan as a Roadmap?
a. It creates a visible radiator for the Lean Agile Center of Excellence daily stand up
b. It allows the teams to ensure executives are not over controlling the implementation process
c. It allows preserving options in the implementation process
d. It allows teams to commit in advance to no more than nine month of the implementation roadmap making it more agile
e. It gets stakeholders used to the commitment and forecast structure of the implementation roadmap
23. According to the Harvard Business Review article “The new Product Development Game” what does it mean to create built-in instability
a. Provide unclear requirements, a volatile, demanding work environment and monitor the team’s progress
b. Monitor the team closely and make decisions for them as much as possible
c. Change the team’s mission daily
d. Provide challenging requirements and high degree of freedom to meet the requirements

24. Which three actions are needed to launch an Agile Release Train?
a. Identify the Release Train Engineer
b. Identify shared services
c. Have a strategy for unit testing and test automation
d. Identify who will set the business contest
e. Identify the System Team
f. Decide Iteration and Program Increment cadence

25. What are two benefits of cadence and synchronization?
a. Synchronization enables multiple perspectives to be understood, resolved and integrated at the same time.
b. Cadence enables variability despite making wait times slightly less predictable
c. Synchronization enables reduction in work-in-process
d. Cadence limits variance
e. They increase throughput

26. When should a lean portfolio be established?
a. Only if mandated from the top because it is better to operate in a completely decentralized environment
b. When there are at least 5 Agile Release Trains
c. Establish the portfolio as part of training the executives
d. When the lack of communication between strategy and execution is hurting value delivery

27. What are the top two reasons for adopting Agile in an organization?
a. Reduce risk by centralizing decision making
b. Accelerate product delivery
c. Reduce project cost
d. Enhance ability to manage changing priorities
e. Increase predictability by reducing changes

28. What are the SAFe core values?
a. Empowerment, self-organizing teams, decentralization of control, value
b. Lean leadership, build in quality, agile architecture, product flow
c. Incremental delivery, transparency, trust, built-in quality
d. Built-in quality, program execution, alignment, transparency

29. In a LACE an argument began between Lee , the Director of Software and Clair, the VP of HR. Clair wants to launch an Efficiency Agile Release Train first since that product was crucial and has a long history of missed deliveries. Lee wants to start with the Simulator Agile Release Train since it is high performing group that can transition quickly to SAFe and present a short term win. Who is right?
a. Both have good points and so it is best to launch both at the same time
b. Neither is right, it is most important to focus on Agile Release Trains that have leadership support, and not the level of challenges they face
c. Lee is right because a lack of short term success is a key failure in most change initiatives
d. Clair is right because Agile Release Trains that face significance challenges will be able to improve and prove a better outcome for the success of SAFe

30. What are two benefits of Communities of Practice
a. They enable visibility into the skill matric in large enterprise
b. They provide access to expertise
c. They increase coordination, synergy across units
d. They provide an arena for managers who might not find their role on the SAFe big picture
e. They reduce the Work in Process

31. Which tool is used to manage capabilities evolution?
a. The capability backlog
b. The solution Kanban
c. The program backlog
d. The Epic to capabilities funnel

32. What is the benefit of enhancing enterprise agility?
a. It does not require “what if” analysis of various implementation scenarios
b. It allows for a faster response to changing market opportunities
c. It enables forecasting from the Portfolio Backlog
d. It requires less planning and forecasting

33. What are two problems that can be understood from the Program Board?
a. Event for future PIs
b. Too many features are placed in a team’s swim lane with no strings
c. Too much work in process in one iteration
d. A significant dependency leading to a Feature
e. Too many dependencies leading to a single program milestone

34. Which legacy practice slows the move to Lean Portfolio Management
a. Demand Management
b. Fact based milestones
c. Rolling wave planning
d. Centralized annual planning

35. How can essential SAFe be used to evaluate a Full SAFe implementation
a. Customize essential SAFe with Constructs out of the full spanning palette
b. Customize essential SAFe with Constructs out of the large solution configuration
c. Customize essential SAFe with Constructs out of the out of the full SAFe
d. Verify that the Full SAFe implementation performs the elements of essential SAFe correctly

36. Name two practices of Agile HR
a. Support continuous learning
b. Eliminate annual performance reviews
c. Decentralize all decisions to the teams
d. Remove all incentives
e. Hire for technical excellence

37. What is the target percentage for the program predictability measure
a. 60-80%
b. 80-100%
c. 50-75%
d. <50%

38. The time to market is too long and the team is unsure which part of the process is problematic. What should be done first?
a. Redo the value stream identification workshop
b. Set up key performance indicators and reporting to control the flow
c. Identify the bottlenecks by lowering work in process at all steps
d. Organize a value stream mapping workshop

39. What are two possible problems to be aware of when coaching an agile release train sync meeting?
a. All the scrum master, product owners, and business owners are in the meeting
b. The Release Train engineer is not vocal
c. The program board is used as a big visual information radiator for the meeting
d. Features keep moving to the net iteration with noting being removed from the PI
e. All focus is on the current PI with not time spent on the preparation of the net PI

40. After launching the first ART, what should be the net train to launch?
a. A train in a different Value Stream to start building the Lean Portfolio
b. A train in a different Portfolio to spread the Lean Agile mindset across the enterprise
c. A train that has considerable challenges regardless of where it is in the organization
d. A train in the same value stream to leverage the full flow of value

41. How does SAFe etend the agile manifesto foundation to the level of team of teams?
a. By uncovering better way of developing software by doing it and helping others do it
b. By applying lean thinking to understand and improve the systems that support the teams
c. By allowing the teams to reflect on how to become more effective
d. By promoting face to face conversation across teams as the most efficient way to convey information

42. What are two ways an exploration enabler is demoed?
a. Show a prototype produces
b. Show the knowledge gained
c. Show the architecture created to support future user stories
d. Show the functioning code in the production environment
e. Show screen shots of test results

43. Why is it important to start an agile release train launch by setting the date for PI Planning?
a. Because otherwise there is no forcing function
b. To communicate the date to the lean agile center of excellence
c. Because without the date it is impossible to know the length of iterations and program increments
d. To book conference and meeting rooms well in advance

44. Why is it recommended to start with essential SAFe
a. It is the newest addition to SAFe so many people will prefer it
b. Most implementations start with a single ART
c. It required just one ART to implementation can begin without training executives and leaders
d. It does not require up front team training which speeds up the implementation process

45. Which statement is a value from the agile manifesto?
a. Working software over working hardware
b. Working software over comprehensive conversation
c. Working software over continuous attention to technical excellence
d. Working software over comprehensive documentation

46. Why is it important to train Product owner and product manager before launching the ART
a. To have a better prepared initial program backlog for the first PI Planning
b. Because training the leaders for the first time should not occur with the teams
c. To help facilitate the first PI planning process
d. In a lean environment of continuous deliver and flow of value, the focus is on execution, so it is better to train before the launch

47. What is the recommended order of classes and activities when launching an Agile Release Train using the Quick-start approach?
a. PI Planning, SAFe for Teams, SAFe Workshop
b. SAFe workshop, PI Planning, SAFe for Teams
c. SAFe for Teams, PI Planning, SAFe workshop
d. SAFe workshop, SAFe for Teams, PI Planning

48. What is the purpose of Solution Intent?
a. To record and communicate the necessary requirements and design decisions
b. To create a comprehensive design document for approval before development
c. To provide an up front and static definition of the systems design
d. To provide a roadmap for future development

49. When building incrementally, how do integration points occur?
a. Upon product management request
b. At a fixed cadence
c. Through phase gate milestones
d. By integrates learning cycles

50. What is the primary purpose of the management review at the end of Day 1 of the PI Planning?
a. To assign business value to the team’s draft PI Objective
b. To evaluate the performance of teams
c. To design the net generation of the product
d. To make adjustments to the PI Scope and address program challenges

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