SAFe – Scaled Agile Question Bank 1

1. What is the goal of Lean thinking?
Best quality and value for people and society
Leadership support
Relentless improvement
Respect for people and culture

2. The goal is a fast delivery process, ideally requiring little manual effort. What is one capability used to achieve this?
Feature toggles
Non-functional requirements
Quiet releases
Soft launches

3. An organization is conducting their first PI Planning session, and the new teams are asked to provide their capacity. Which three actions are part of the initial capacity planning process? (Choose three.)
Use eight points per person (adjust for part-time employees)
Ensure Product Owner/Product Manager approval for all capacity adjustments based on time
Find a small story that takes about a day to develop and call it a one
Compare final team capacity across all teams and make individual team adjustments
Add the points for all the recently completed Features and use that as a baseline for future capacity
Subtract one point for every team member’s vacation day, public holiday, or training day

4. Three collaborations make up the Lean Portfolio Management competency: Strategy and Investment Funding, Lean Governance, and what else?
Scrum Master
System Architect
Agile Portfolio Operations
Business Owners

5. Why would Product Owners and Product Managers be key collaborators in the enterprise?
They are key roles in steering and sequencing the Agile Release Train priorities
They plan Portfolio strategy horizons for the enterprise
They provide governance and spending practices for the value streams
They plan all the key events for the Program Increment

6. Which cycle is embraced by the Lean startup movement?

7. Which role has the responsibility for accepting stories and team increments?
Release Train Engineer
Product Owner
Product Manager
Scrum Master
8. What is the goal of Lean thinking?
Respect for people and culture
Leadership support
Best quality and value for people and society
Relentless improvement

9. What does the Lean UX process begin with?
A collaborative design
An evaluation
A minimum marketable feature
A benefit hypothesis

10. Epics require an Epic Owner and what else?
A Definition of Done
A Lean Business Case
A Solution Intent
An Economic Framework

Read 11-20