SAFe – Scaled Agile Question Bank 4

31. An organization is conducting their first PI Planning session, and the new teams are asked to provide their capacity. Which three actions are part of the initial capacity planning process? (Choose three.)
Find a small story that takes about a day to develop and call it a one
Compare final team capacity across all teams and make individual team adjustments
Add the points for all the recently completed Features and use that as a baseline for future capacity
Ensure Product Owner/Product Manager approval for all capacity adjustments based on time
Subtract one point for every team member’s vacation day, public holiday, or training day
Use eight points per person (adjust for part-time employees)

32. What does the Lean UX process begin with?
A benefit hypothesis
A minimum marketable feature
A collaborative design
An evaluation

33. Epics require an Epic Owner and what else?
A Solution Intent
A Lean Business Case
A Definition of Done
An Economic Framework

34. Which two job roles are good candidates for becoming a Product Owner? (Choose two.)
UX Experts
Line Managers
Scrum Masters
Business Analysts

Business and technology

Subject Matter Experts
35. Which role is responsible for working with customers and creating the Vision?
System Architect
Release Train Engineer
Product Manager
Product Owner

36. The first three elements of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline work together to support delivery of small batches of new functionality. These continuous elements include Exploration, Integration, and what else?
37. Why would Product Owners and Product Managers be key collaborators in the enterprise?
They are key roles in steering and sequencing the Agile Release Train priorities
They plan all the key events for the Program Increment
They plan Portfolio strategy horizons for the enterprise
They provide governance and spending practices for the value streams

38. What is one way to establish a team’s velocity?
Look at the average story points completed from the last Iterations
Add the story points for all Features completed in the Iteration
Add the story points for all the stories planned for the Iteration
Calculate the percentage planned versus actual story complete for an Iteration
39. A Lean Business Case can identify the impact on sales and which other two areas? (Choose two.)
40. The Work-in-Process limit at the Analyzing step of the Program Kanban is based on the overall availability of Product Management, other subject matter experts, and the capacity of which two other roles? (Choose two.)
Business Owners
Agile Portfolio Operations
Release Train Engineer
System Architects
Lean Agile Center of Excellence

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SAFe – Scaled Agile Question Bank 3

21. Three collaborations make up the Lean Portfolio Management competency: Strategy and Investment Funding, Lean Governance, and what else?
Business Owners

financial performance
System Architect
Scrum Master
Agile Portfolio Operations

22. Which role has the responsibility for accepting stories and team increments?
Scrum Master
Product Owner
Product Manager
Release Train Engineer

23. Features in Program Backlogs can result from what?
Decomposing Enabler Stories
Refining the Team Backlog
Aggregating stories into Features
Splitting Epics or Capabilities

24. What does assigning business value to a team’s PI Objectives influence?
How often team deploys
How teams plan the implementation
How the Kanban WIP limits are set
How to achieve objectives
25. The Product Manager has content authority for the Program Backlog including: the Vision, the Roadmap, driving the PI Objectives, and what else?
Establishing Features and Benefit Hypothesis
Managing risk, helping to ensure value delivery, and driving continuous improvement
Accepting stories and team increments
Working with business stakeholders and Solution and System Architects to implement holistic technology across Value Streams

26. How do Business Owners quantify the value of PI Objectives?
By assigning business value
By totaling the Epic budget
By estimating return on investment
By assigning story points

27. Which statement describes the Team and Technical Agility enterprise competency?
Solution trains that coordinate multiple Agile Release Trains and suppliers
A collaboration that creates Lean budget and investment guardrails
Cross-functional, self-organizing teams that define, build, test and possibly deploy valuable things
A Community of Practice that leads the transformation

28. Product Managers are expected to collaborate in planning the amount of upcoming Enabler work by establishing what?
Team Backlog prioritization
Completed Epic acceptance criteria
Accurate user story sizing
Capacity allocation

29. What are two inputs to the Solution Vision? (Choose two.)
Feature context
Portfolio Backlog
Portfolio Enablers
Strategic Themes
Customer feedback

30. How frequently should the Program Backlog be reviewed?
When the Epic owners are defining the Epic Value Statement
Before every PI
Every week

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