SAFe SPC question bank 1

1. Proactive leadership
• – In the absence of a burning platform, leadership must create the sense of urgency to proactively drive change by taking a stand for a better, future state

2. Why should you establish the vision for change?
• – Without a good vision, a clever strategy or logical plan can rarely inspire the kind of action needed to produce major change.

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4. What are two primary reasons to change?
• – A burning platform
• – The company is failing to complete and the existing way of working is inadequate to achieve a new solution in time.

5. The foundation of house of lead in Leadership

6. When you find a value stream, go all in and all at once for each ART. The one-week launch is proven adoption model.
• Quickstart approach to ART Launch
i. SAFe for Teams
1. Monday, Tuesday
ii. PI Planning
1. Wednesday, Thursday
iii. Workshops
1. Friday

7. Three benefits of Big Room Training
• Accelerated learning
• A common scaled Agile paradigm
• Cost efficiency

8. What is the importance of the first PI Planning?
• First Impression of SAFe
• Generating a short-term win
• Builds the Art as a team
• Teaches teams about assuming responsibility for planning and delivery
• Creates visibility into the program
• Creates confidence in the commitment of Lean-Agile Leaders to the transformation

9. Things to remember when prepping for distributed team PI Planning
• 1. Have a dedicated facilitator and tech support person at each location
• Test Audio, video, and presentation-sharing connectivity, and then test it again
• Have a common understanding of how plans will be shared (video, wiki, email, etc)
• Establish team- based audio/video communication for breakout sessions.

10. What type of PI Planning agenda is recommended for large time zone differences ?
• 2.5 days, following respect people and cultures, we want to avoid asking teams to stay up all night

11. What does train the leaders do?
• Helps them create the mindset they need to empower employees for further action

12. What does training the stakeholders do?
• Gives the Stakeholders the skills and motivation the need to change the organization.

13. Which is the most important ART to launch?
i. the first one.

14. What does the ART as a team of teams do?
• removes Silos that inhibit flow

15. What can you find in the ART readiness workbook?
• Readiness Checklist
• Team Summary
• Team Roster
• Program Roster
• Content
• Facilities
• Supplies

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