SAFe certification cheat sheet

Which statement is true about Work-In-Process (WIP) limits?
– Lower limits improve flow [4-5]

What replaces detailed requirements documents? – User Stories

Which two statements describe the responsibilities of the Product Owner? (Choose two.) – Single voice for customer and stakeholders, and to own and manage team backlog [2-15, 2-17]

implementing quality in Lean-Agile environment – Culture

What is an example of a Program event? – Scrum of Scrums

What is the goal of the SAFe House of Lean model? – Value [1-28]

Which responsibility belongs to the Product Owner in the team?
To sequence backlog items to program priorities, events, and dependencies

Which two views does the Iteration Review provide into the Program? (Choose two.) – How the team is doing in the Program Increment, and how the team did on the iteration (sprint) [4-38]

What is an example of a modified Fibonacci sequence? – …5, 8, 13, 20, 40…

What is the benefit of separating release elements from the Solution? – It allows the release of different Solution elements at different times

The Agile Release Train aligns teams to a common mission using a single Vision and what else? – The Program Backlog [2-21]

The “3 Cs” is a popular guideline for writing user stories. What does each of the three C’s represent? (Choose three.) – Card (WIT, Feature, User Story), Conversation (Acceptance Criteria), and Confirmation (Acceptance) [3-10]

What is the role of the System Architect/Engineer? – To guide the teams and support the Architectural Runway [2-21]

What is typically included in the Definition of Done for the team increment? – Stories are accepted by the Product Owner [4-37]

The Inspect and Adapt event always starts with which activity? – The PI System Demo [5-38]

When should a component team be used – To obtain high reuse and technical specialization with a focus on Non-functional Requirements.

Iteration Planning, Iteration Review, and Backlog Refinement are examples of which type of event? – Team events [5-31]

Which factor helps unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers? – Autonomy [2-4]

Which practices are demonstrated during the Inspect and Adapt event? – Reflect, problem solve, and identify improvement actions

Which statement describes a cadence-based PI Planning event? – It is an all-hands, two day event with the goal to identify impediments that could happen [5-4]

Which statement is true about Iteration planning for Kanban teams? – Kanban teams publish Iteration Goals [3-33]

Which concepts are part of Kanban for teams? – Visualize work flow, limit WIP, improve flow [1-52]

What is one of the typical Kanban class of service for Agile Teams? – Funnel

Why is the modified Fibonacci sequence used when estimating? – It reflects the uncertainty in estimating larger items

A Cumulative Flow Diagram focuses on which curves? – Arrival curve (“to-do”) and Departure curve (“done”)

What is the recommended size of an Agile Team? – 5-9 people (7 +/- 2) but 5-11 on test

SAFe Core Values – Built-in Quality, Alignment, Program Execution, and Transparency

What is the role of the Scrum Master? – To act as a servant leader who helps teams self-organize, self-manage, and deliver using effective Agile practices

What are two reasons Agile development is more beneficial than waterfall development? (Choose two.) – It allows businesses to deliver value to the market more quickly
It increases productivity and employee engagement thanks the using of paystubs information.

If the PI System Demo shows the current state of the Solution, then who is this demo intended for? – The Business Owners

Which statement is true about the PI Planning event? – Everyone in the program over two day period

Goal of SAFe House of Lean model – Value

How does relentless improvement support value in the SAFe House of Lean? – It optimizes the whole

What is the purpose of the Iteration Review? – To measure the team’s progress by showing working Stories to the stakeholders and getting feedback from them

An Agile Team collects the Iteration metrics they have agreed upon during which part of the team retrospective? – During the quantitative part of the team retrospective [4-40]

What is the role of the Release Train Engineer? – 1. To coach teams to improve their results
2. To serve as the Scrum Master for the Agile Release Train

How can a technical exploration enabler be demonstrated? – Show the knowledge gained by the exploration [3-11]

Which three questions should each team member answer during the Daily Stand-up? (Choose three.) – What did I do yesterday to advance the Iteration goals?
What will I do today to advance the Iteration goals?
Are there any impediments that will prevent the team from meeting the Iteration goals? [4-30]

Which practice promotes built-in quality? – TDD

What are the four levels of the Scaled Agile Framework? – Team, Program, Large Solution, Portfolio [1-15]

What visibility should Scrum Masters provide during the Agile Release Train Sync? – Visibility into progress and impediments

Which statement reflects one of the steps for setting initial velocity? – The team members assess their availability, acknowledging time off and other potential duties [3-23]

Which activity is key to successfully implementing the Scaled Agile Framework? – Use a cadence-based PI Planning process

Jane is a Product Owner. It is day seven of the Iteration and her team tells her that they may miss their Iteration commitment. What should Jane do? – Support pulling a story that has not been started.

Quality is first and foremost a function of what in a Lean-Agile environment? – Culture of shared responsibility [4-22]

What are the Five Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise introduced by SAFe 4.6? –
1. Lean-Agile Leadership
2. Team and Technical Agility
3. DevOps and Release on Demand
4. Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering
5. Lean Portfolio Management

On the seventh day of the iteration, the team realizes that they will not complete 5 of 13 Stories. The Product Owner (PO) says she cannot negotiate the scope of the remaining Stories any further. What is the PO’s best course of action? – Stop the current iteration and plan new iteration with new knowledge

What is the major benefit of reducing batch size? – Increases throughput

What is one responsibility of the Scrum Master? – To remove impediments in order to help protect the team

Which statement is true about Features and Stories? – Features can be larger than an Iteration, but Stories should be small enough to fit into an iteration. Each Feature should have at least five stories.

What best supports Innovation in the SAFe House of Lean? – Fast learning cycles

What information does Cumulative Flow Diagram provide? – The data for the team to identify current bottlenecks

Which two statements describe Agile Release Train – 1. It is the primary value delivery construct in the Scaled Agile Framework
2. It is long lived, self-organizing, virtual organization of 5-12 Agile Teams that plan, commit and execute

Which statement defines the purpose of Iteration Planning? – It is to organize the work and define a realistic scope for the Iteration

A decrease in variability leads to an increase in what? – Predictability

What are two behaviors of an effective Scrum Master? – 1. To facilitate the team’s progress towards the Iteration goals
2. To act as a servant leader and exhibit Lean-Agile leadership

Which statement describes the balance between emergent design and intentional architecture when talking about building quality? – It is required for speed of value and solution intent

What is one recommended way of splitting Features into Stories during a PI Planning event? – Implement the simplest variant of the functionality first them implement the rest as an enhancement

Which statement describes the event that occurs at the end of each Iteration to identify the team’s opportunities for continuous improvement? – The Iteration Retrospective

What should be taken into account when estimating Story point size? – Complexity

Product Management is responsible for “what gets built” as defined by the Vision, Roadmap, and what else? – Program backlog

Which statement is true about Iteration Planning? – It is required for every Iteration to enable fast learning cycles

What are three practices of Extreme Programming (P)? – 1. Pair Programming
2. Continuous Integration
3. Test-driven Development

The Scrum Master wants to establish a team’s initial velocity. A team has two testers, three developers, one full-time Scrum Master, and a Product Owner split between two teams. What is their normalized velocity before calculating time off? – 40

What is one key benefit of a Backlog Refinement session? – It provides time to identify dependencies and issues that could impact the net iteration

The Release Train Engineer is a servant leader who displays which two actions or behaviors? – 1. Creates an environment of mutual influence
2. Listens and supports teams in problem identification and decision-making

The Daily Stand-up time-box should not exceed how many minutes? – 15 minutes

A user story includes which three things? – 1. What
2. Why
3. Who

Continuous Deployment (CD) has is elements that, when followed, keep each team member, team, and the Agile Release Train on track. Which two statements best describe elements of CD? – 1. Maintain a staging environment that emulates production
2. Automate testing features and Non-functional Requirements

Which statement describes a cross-functional team? – Each team can define, build and test a component or feature

How does a Team Demonstrate Progress? – With an Iteration Review

When is the System Demo conducted during Program Execution? – At the end of every iteration

What is the recommended length of an iteration? – 2 weeks

What is the goal of the PI Planning event? – To create a plan for the upcoming PI showing how stories map to the iteration

Which statement is true of the Iteration Goals? – They align a team to a common vision of work in the iteration

Which statement is true about pair work in the Scaled Agile Framework? – It comes from pair programming in Extreme Programming (P)

Which statement describes the information within a Story? – A story provides just enough information for the intent to be understood by both business and technical people

What is Scrum? – A lightweight process for cross-functional, self-organized teams

During the Inspect and Adapt event, how are reflection, data collection, problem solving, and identification of improvement actions used? – To increase the quality and reliability of the net PI

A team finishes developing all of their Stories in the first si days of the Iteration, test them in the following two days, and files bugs in the days remaining. How is the team behaving? – They are water falling the Iteration

Which statement is true about the purpose of a Work-In-Process constraint? – It encourages collaboration and enables flow

What does a Program Board help Teams identify? – Dependencies between teams

Which practice promotes built-in-quality? – Iteration Planning

The CALMR approach to DevOps includes Automation, Lean Flow, Measurement, and Recovery. What does the “C” represent? – Culture

What is the role of the Product Owner? – To represent the customer to the Agile Team. To write the stories that make up the team backlog.

What type of visibility should Product Owners provide during the Agile Release Train Sync? – Visibility into Scope and Priority backlog

What type of information can be easily seen in Cumulative Flow Diagram? – Work in Progress across the team. The data for the team to identify current bottlenecks.

According to definition of “Done”, who must provide final approval? – The Release Management

What is one of the is step in problem solving workshop? – Identify the biggest root cause using Pareto analysis

During iteration execution, a team’s velocity tends to be most affected by what? – Changing team size, team makeup, and technical contest

What are the SAFe core values? –
1. Built-in Quality
2. Program Execution
3. Alignment
4. Transparency

Modified Fibonacci Sequence – 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 80, 100….

Which is a sample of a part of an Iteration Retrospective? – Team discussion around opportunities for continuous improvement

How does a team demonstrate progress? – Agile Team measures and then demonstrates its progress by showing working stories to the Product Owner (PO) and other stakeholders to get their feedback.

Which activity happens in the Inspect and Adapt workshop? – Refining the Program Backlog

An Agile team has two characteristics? – 1. Agile Team is a cross-functional group of 5-11 people who have the responsibility to define, build, test, and where applicable deploy, some element of Solution value
2. A group of dedicated individuals who are empowered, self-organizing, self-managing, and deliver value