SAFe SPC question bank 2

16. What is the net step once the Lean-Agile change Agents have been trained?
• Train Executives, Managers, Leaders

17. What do you do after Executives, Managers, and leaders have been trained?
• Identify the Value steams.

18. What is the net step after the value stream has been identified?
• Create the implementation Plan

19. What happens after the implementation plan has been created?
• Prepare for Art Launch. Train Scaled Agile(Leading SAFe), POPM, SSM.

20. What is the step that follows Preparing for the ART launch?
• Train Teams and launch the ART

21. Once the teams have been trained what is the net step?
• Coach ART Execution

22. Once you have coached Art execution what do you do net?
• Launch more ARTS and Value streams

23. What is the step after Launching more ARTS and value streams?
• Extend to the Portfolio

24. What do you do once you have extended to the Portfolio?
• Sustain and improve

25. What are the SAFe Core Values?
• Alignment
• Transparency
• Built-in-Quality
• Program execution

26. Alignment =
• This Provides the relevant briefings and participate in Program Increment (PI)) Planning.
• Helps with backlog visibility, review, and preparation
• Helps with Value Stream organization and coordination
• Constantly check for understanding
• Communicate the mission, visions and strategy at every opportunity

27. Transparency =
• Visualize all relevant work
• Take ownership and responsibility for errors and mistakes
• Admit your own mistakes
• Support other who acknowledge and learn from their mistakes-never punish the messenger

28. Built-in quality
• Demonstrate quality by refusing to accept or ship low quality work
• Support investments in capacity planning for maintenance and reduction of technical debt
• Ensure U, Architecture, operations, security, compliance, and other are part of flow of work.

29. Program Execution
• Participate as an active business owner in PI execution
• Celebrate high quality and predictability delivered program Increments
• Aggressively remove impediments and demotivates

30. What are the four pillars of the house of lean?
• Flow
• Respect for people and culture
• Innovation
• Relentless Improvement


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