SAFe SPC question bank 3

31. What is the foundation of the house of lean?
• Leadership

32. What is the roof of the house of lean?
• Value

33. People do all the work. Your Customer is whoever consumes your work
• -Don’t Overload them
• -Don’t make them wait
• -Don’t force them to do wasteful work
• -Don’t impose wishful thinking
• build long-term partnerships based on trust
• Culture change comes last, not first
• To change culture change the organization – Respect for people and culture

34. Flow
• Optimize continuous and sustainable throughput for value
• build in quality; flow depends on it
• Understand, exploit, and mange variability
• Avoid start-stop-start project delays
• Use informed-decision making via fast feedback

35. Innovation
• Producers innovate; customers validate
• Get out of the office
• Provide time and space for creativity
• Apply innovation accounting
• Pivot without mercy or guilt

36. Relentless Improvement
• A constant sense of danger
• Optimize the whole
• Consider facts carefully, then act quickly
• Apply lean tools to identify and address root causes
• Reflect at key milestones; identify and address shortcomings –

37. Value
• Shortest sustainable lead time.
• Best quality and value to people and society.
• High morale, safety, customer delight – Value

38. Leadership
• Management applies and teaches Lean-Agile thinking, based decisions on this long-term philosophy.

39. Principles of lean-Agile Thinking – Agile Manifesto
• Individual and interactions – over processes and tools
• Working software – over comprehensive documentation
• Customer collaboration – over contract negotiation
• Responding to change – over following a plan

40. What is the first SAFe Lean-Agile Principle? –
• Take an economic view

41. What is the second SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Apply Systems thinking

42. What is the third SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Assume Variability, preserve options

43. What is the fourth SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Build incrementally with fast, integrated learning cycles

44. What is the fifth SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Based milestones on objective evaluation of working systems

45. What is the sixth SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Visualize and limit WIP, reduce batch sizes, and manage queue length

46. What is the seventh SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Apply cadence, synchronize with cross-domain planning

47. What is the eight SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers

48. What is the ninth SAFe Lean-Agile Principle?
• – Decentralize decision-making

49. Why the focus on principles?
• A lean-Agile transformation will deliver substantial benefits
• However, it is a significant change and every implementation is different
• Leaders should understand why the practices work; its part of knowing what it is they do
• If a practice need to change, understanding the principles will assure the change moves the moves the enterprise in the right direction

50. What are the Five primary dimensions of Built-In Quality?
• Flow
• Architecture & Design Quality
• Code Quality
• System Quality
• Release Quality


SPC SAFe question bank 3

SAFe SPC exam cheat sheet