SAFe – Scaled Agile Question Bank 6

51. Which statement is true about fast feedback?
It accelerates planning and delivery
Smaller batch sizes enable faster feedback loops
It supports SAFe Lean-Agile Principle #3 – Assume variability; preserve options
The shorter the feedback cycle, the higher the utilization

52. The goal is a fast delivery process, ideally requiring little manual effort. What is one capability used to achieve this?
Soft launches
Non-functional requirements
Feature toggles
Quiet releases
What should a team do if they cannot meet their commitments?
Deliver what the team can complete with open issues
Escalate immediately to Product Manager through the Product Owner
Move what cannot be accomplished into stretch objectives
Review the objectives and reset them to fit what can be done
53. What should a team do if they cannot meet their commitments?
Deliver what the team can complete with open issues
Escalate immediately to Product Manager through the Product Owner
Move what cannot be accomplished into stretch objectives
Review the objectives and reset them to fit what can be done

54. What is the purpose of an Epic Hypothesis Statement?
It provides enough detail to run the business and keep long-term commitments from interfering with changing business priorities
It defines an idea that can be validated using the plan, do, check, and adjust cycle
It is the artifact Epics use to get approval to go on the Portfolio Backlog from the Lean Portfolio Management
It helps define the pipeline with the assets and technologies needed to deliver solution value

55. Product Management is involved in the assessment of metrics including the evaluation of business value achieved versus plan. They are also active participants in what else?Daily Stand-ups
Lean budget establishment
Team Retrospectives
The Inspect and Adapt event

56. What is one benefit of constant customer feedback?
It reduces the amount of changes to the Features
Fast learning cycles
It reduces the need for face-to-face collaboration
Teams can better align working days with a customer’s schedule

57. The Lean Governance collaboration include the Enterprise Architect, Agile PMO, and which other function?
Solution Management
Business Owners or entrepreneurship
Product Managers
Epic Owners

58. What is the importance of the Definition of Done?
It prioritizes the work of testers on the team
It creates standardized work between all Agile teams
It provides a way for Scrum Masters to enforce quality
It creates a clear understanding of when items are complete
59. SAFe recommends separating deployment from release. What can help with this practice?
Deploying to staging every 4 to 8 weeks
Manually test Features and non-functional requirements
Hide all new functionality under feature toggles
A staging environment that emulates testing

60. What are two examples of team level events? (Choose two.)
System Demo
Backlog Refinement
PI Planning
Daily Stand-up
Scrum of Scrums

61. Which attribute describes the Product Manager role in the SAFe enterprise?
Provide governance and spending practices for value streams
Plans the activities for the Inspect and Adapt event
Collaborates and sets expectations with Product Owners, stakeholders, customers, architects
Uses Iteration Goals to communicate with management

62. What is the goal of Lean thinking?
Best quality and value for people and society
Leadership support
Relentless improvement
Respect for people and culture
63. Which two concepts drive the mindset for SAFe implementation? (Choose two.)
Enterprise Agility
Scrum Manifesto
Agile Manifesto
House of Lean
Lean Enterprise Systems
64. Which cycle is embraced by the Lean startup movement?

65. What is the relationship between a Product Owner (PO) and a Product Manager (PM)?
The PO contributes to the Program Backlog; the PM establishes Story acceptance criteria
The PO drives PI Objectives; the PM drives Iteration Goals
The PO identifies market needs; the PM is solution, technology, and team facing
The PO is team-oriented; the PM is market-orie nted

SAFe – Scaled Agile Question Bank 4

31. An organization is conducting their first PI Planning session, and the new teams are asked to provide their capacity. Which three actions are part of the initial capacity planning process? (Choose three.)
Find a small story that takes about a day to develop and call it a one
Compare final team capacity across all teams and make individual team adjustments
Add the points for all the recently completed Features and use that as a baseline for future capacity
Ensure Product Owner/Product Manager approval for all capacity adjustments based on time
Subtract one point for every team member’s vacation day, public holiday, or training day
Use eight points per person (adjust for part-time employees)

32. What does the Lean UX process begin with?
A benefit hypothesis
A minimum marketable feature
A collaborative design
An evaluation

33. Epics require an Epic Owner and what else?
A Solution Intent
A Lean Business Case
A Definition of Done
An Economic Framework

34. Which two job roles are good candidates for becoming a Product Owner? (Choose two.)
UX Experts
Line Managers
Scrum Masters
Business Analysts

Business and technology

Subject Matter Experts
35. Which role is responsible for working with customers and creating the Vision?
System Architect
Release Train Engineer
Product Manager
Product Owner

36. The first three elements of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline work together to support delivery of small batches of new functionality. These continuous elements include Exploration, Integration, and what else?
37. Why would Product Owners and Product Managers be key collaborators in the enterprise?
They are key roles in steering and sequencing the Agile Release Train priorities
They plan all the key events for the Program Increment
They plan Portfolio strategy horizons for the enterprise
They provide governance and spending practices for the value streams

38. What is one way to establish a team’s velocity?
Look at the average story points completed from the last Iterations
Add the story points for all Features completed in the Iteration
Add the story points for all the stories planned for the Iteration
Calculate the percentage planned versus actual story complete for an Iteration
39. A Lean Business Case can identify the impact on sales and which other two areas? (Choose two.)
40. The Work-in-Process limit at the Analyzing step of the Program Kanban is based on the overall availability of Product Management, other subject matter experts, and the capacity of which two other roles? (Choose two.)
Business Owners
Agile Portfolio Operations
Release Train Engineer
System Architects
Lean Agile Center of Excellence

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