Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian – A 10 year old child thought process


Author:- Atiksh Jain


Disclaimer: – I do not support or encourage any of the above, Instead I am penning it down my research and at the same time briefly touching on my opinion.


Research Findings

We have only 22% vegetarians across the world that being said we have approx. 78% are non vegetarian which is a quite a big number. Now let’s have a comparison between both of these two choices. First of all eating only veg may not be very nutrient because of the fact that not everyone will know what are the alternatives they need to go with in vegetarian food. The result is individuals end up having lacking of enough vitamins or proteins needed for our body. On the other hand, the Non-Veg provide direct source for nutrient while it is not good because people face many problems like :-  heart ailments and blockages, hypertension, kidney problems, bladder issues, , wounds in internal body, headache, constipation, tuberculosis, joint pains, craziness and the list is huge. The non vegetarian food has higher amount of protein content and makes it difficult to digest. The excessive Veg also got its only problems because veggies most known for causing gas and bloating. They got lots of fiber content for instance when you look at broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, and asparagus. “Excessive gas can also happen when someone tries to eat a lot of fiber when they’re not used to it”. This needs to be managed well.


Now let me share my “My Opinion

I think being veggie is a proud thing and managing proportion well can significantly minimize the impact of critical nutrition’s and vitamins.

Also, Eating non-veg is very bad because, when we eat non-veg we reduce the number of animals in our world, which is very sad. Non-Veg is also a very big cause of global warming. Also we are trying to imbalance the nature. Eating Non-Veg is basically killing all the poor animals who did nothing to us. Those poor animals just want to live in peace. Who are we to put an end to their lives.


Popular Answers and Questions:

1. Question: – Is Eating Non-Veg A Sin?

Answer: – Yes. Since when you hurt someone for your own satisfaction then it is a sin and that’s the definition I learnt

Killing animals is also a sin which means it is outrageously evil or wicked; Or I would say a heinous crime.

2. Question – Is egg veg?

Answer – Absolutely Not. Because the yolk is the baby chick (or other) which is an living thing. People might think the outer shell is veg but it’s not! Because The outer shell is the yolk’s skin. Don’t fool yourself or people by calling egg is veggie.

3. Question – Who live longer the ones who eat non-veg or the ones who eat veg?

Answer – Vegetarian men live for an average of 10 years longer than non-vegetarian men. The age for Veg and non veg respectively are 83 and 73 . For women, being vegetarian adds an extra 6 years to their lives.

4. Question – What are the challenges of being vegetarian (reasons revealed )


  • It’s Difficult to eat too much of protein and digest.
  • Vegetarian’s meal choices are limited
  • Eating out can be a challenge.
  • Dinner engagement require telling your preferences in advance.
  • Traditions for holidays may need to change.
  • It can make you gain weight and lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other health problems.
  • Vegetarians Need to Take the Time to read labels

Despite all these the world has started thinking to move towards Veg. The little knowledge around the vegetarian food not only make your soul clean but add extra years to your life. My personal preference was veg and  shall remain veg.


Popular Answer’s From the public

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62% Non veg is better while 38% says veg better. Despite 80% Non vegetarian, you would observe close to 1/3 of non vegetarian are supporting Veg.


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From the mouth of Animal

Love us, Not eat us —–  All life are precious”


~~~ Atiksh Jain